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HILD 12 - 4/2 The"Triumph of the West 19th Century o...

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4/2 The “Triumph” of the West: 19 th Century o Western power and the “ninteenth century difference” Technology – guns, steam ships Organization: Trained (local armies) Patterns of energy use? Coal and intensification of resource extration The new world o Western aims: Resources, profit, territory, balance of power, civilizing mission, exploration At beginning of 19 th century o Manchu empire – China o Korea was independent o Siam was independent o But the Philippines were ruled by Spanish o East Indies ruled by dutch The Powers o The british are coming The east India Company The Opium War (1939-1842) – Treaty of nanjing Selling opium in china to drain the silver out of china Still china wants nothing to do with Britian Does buiness in port of Anton, china holds it down But british take other cities for ransom Treaty ports England made a mononolpy of trading It wasn’t till trades with other countries that it opened up China’s power is weaking during period o The yanks are coming Special relationship with china? US had not military presence Used diplomacy to trade China wanted to balance American power vs. British power Impresses japanese with inventions First time seeing military technology The “opening” of Japan Other outcomes: Labor/migration across the pacific o France’s Quest for Glory: East Asian Dominions = “Great Power” status Vietnam Sino-French War (1884-1885) o Russia as Pacific Power:
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The Qing-Russian border o The Dutch Japan, Indonesia Japanese saw these steam ships as demonic, Did not see us power as forgone conclusion An empire in decline The Ascendance of Japan:1868-1905 o China: Self-Strengthening Military training and new arsenal Overseas study Foreign offices Overseas diplomacy and use of international law o Japan: Restoration Like China’s self strengthening moment Differences? Rapid centralization, mobilization for self-defense and war overseas o First Sino-Japanese War 1895 End of Korean independence Treaty of Shimonoseki o By 1907 much different situation 4/4 Response due 24hours before section What are you seeing What does it mean to you Imperialism Colonialism o Armed colonization is very prominent in east Asia o
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