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Individual Analysis - FREDERICK MICHAEL MAE 3 SEC A02...

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FREDERICK, MICHAEL MAE 3 SEC A02 12/7/07 INDIVIDUAL ANALYSIS TEAM 10 TEAM POCRASTINATION ROBOT COMPONENT: ARM AND GEARS -OVERVIEW The basic idea of our robot is to drive sideways by the balls on our side of the pyramid, knock them off into our dump/bucket shaped car and then drive them over to the hoop, where our funnel is the same height as the hoop, and lift them up into the hoop. In order to line up our car with the side of the pyramid, we have to do a parallel parking type of movement until our car is touching the side of the pyramid. Our wheels are driven by a two friction drives; both sides powered with a high speed motors. We then place our arm at the right height so each of our limbs touches one row of balls. Our arm is powered by a geared motor, which is attached to another gear, which attaches to a belt, for max torque. We then drive across, have some of the balls knocked into our dump, parallel park again to line up with the hoop and use gear motor powered rack and pinion system to lift the up to the height of the funnel, causing the balls to roll through the funnel into the
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hoop. The arm itself is powered by a geared motor, which is connected to a .5” radius gear, which is connected to a larger gear with a 1.5” radius. This gear is connected to another gear with a .5” radius, which is connected below a belt gear with the same radius. The belt is then connected to another belt gear with a radius of .75”, which is glued on the other side of the arm. Therefore when the geared motor spins in a clockwise direction, the arm also rotates in a clockwise direction, as you can see in the CAD pictures below. The arm is connected to so many gears because we wanted to be able to mount the geared motor on the base of our car, so we could have enough room for the lift. -FUNTIONAL REQUIREMENTS There are a few different functional requirements that could be listed, but these functional requirements only apply to the task of knocking the balls into the dump using the arm. - Car needs to be able to fit in 10” by 10” by 10” box; therefore the arm needs to be able to go down all the way.
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Individual Analysis - FREDERICK MICHAEL MAE 3 SEC A02...

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