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College Composition Assignment #3 757 Words November 6, 2007 Underground Comix: The 1960’s Counterculture According to the book Making Sense , Scott McCloud is a comic book writer and artist. Wikipedia states that McCloud was born in Boston, Massachusetts on June 10, 1960 with the birth name Scott McLeod. Along with “Setting the Record Straight,” Scott McCloud is also the author and writer of the famous comic book series Zot! Throughout his essay “Setting the Record Straight,” found in Making Sense , McCloud debates the many different ways to define what comics really are. He describes how various types of art can be considered comics when given the definition “sequential art.” According to McCloud, “. ..As the 20 th century drew near, the comics that we call comics began to appear and eventually to thrive in a steady stream of waking dreams that has yet to abate” (363). During this time, the very broad world of comics began to appear, allowing the opportunity for social and political critique. One of the major critiqued styles of comics, underground comix, began to appear during the 1960’s. According to Goldweber, “underground comix include strips and books heavily dosed with obscenity, graphic sex, gory violence, glorification of drug use, and general defiance of convention and authority.” Underground comix came about in the late 1960’s during the time period when the counterculture of the sixties was arising. The spelling was changed to
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Underground Comics-Final-11-6-07-no name - College...

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