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theories of comm test 1

theories of comm test 1 - research methods Alternate...

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Communication process -who? Says what? On through which channel? To whom? With what effect? S-R model -earliest comm. Model, sender receiver, only emphasizes one way messages Mass comm .- social interaction through messages. Four Major theories Social scientific -understanding based on systematic and objective observations of media and factors. Normative -how media should behave based on moral system of society. Operational -practical ideas collected and used by media workers in their work. Everyday common sence -knowledge based on the personal experience with media. Convergence -same content distributed through multiple channels Fragmentation - content offered and the differentiation of audiences. Intertextuality -inter related,ex. All mediums talking about the war Functionalism -identifies social needs and wants Dominant paradigm - dominant structure, pattern, system, functionalistic, quantitative
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Unformatted text preview: research methods Alternate paradigm-critical, qualitative research methods, field study, focus group 4 models of comm . Transmission-info transfer Ritual or expressive-shared understanding and belief Publicity-grip public attention with one economic goal Reception-business and pr models, interpretive reading, encoding and decoding Media theory-mass comm. Is both societal and cultural Mediation-second hand info, other social institutions via technology Two step theory-1 step-info source opinion leaders 2 step-opinion leaders-messages Chicago school-addressed the concerns of large scale immigration, social cohesion Critical theory-economic control and media concentration, decline of public sphere Toronto school-comm tech, marshall mcluhan, comm. Revolution, tech and social change Frankfurt school-critical approachkiu7...
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