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comm theory midterm review

comm theory midterm review - Marxist-Economic ownership...

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Midterm Review Marshall Mcluhan-Technology theory, global village, “the medium is the message” Everett Rodgers-Diffusion theory, social factors for tech Josh Merowitz-Shifting boundries, no secrets any more, boundries between public and private are blurring Stuart Hall-Cultural studies, encoding and decoding, 3 ways of reading James Carey-transmission model, ritual model John Fiske- what is text, intertextuality Goerge Gerbner-Cultivation theory, TV culture Frankfurt school-Marxian theory, critical theory Birmingham school-Cultural Studies Theories Normative Theory- 4 press theories 1.Soviet-Top down control or censorship, emphasizing rights of society rather than individual. 2. Authoritarian-Press control by repressive regimes 3.Libertarian-for free speech and democracy, self righting 4.Social Responsibility-Media has obligations to society, truthful and fair
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Unformatted text preview: Marxist-Economic ownership Classic vs Neo-Classic believes who owns media has power, Neo believes in finding solutions Critical approach-meaning based in reading the meaning of culture, intertextuality Critical Theory-Economic control and media concentration, decline of public sphere, emphasized ownership Cultivation Theory-TV viewing experience(accumulated) TV=social reality, Functionalist Theory-First, society is viewed as a system – a collection of interdependent parts, with a tendency toward equilibrium. Second, there are functional requirements that must be met in a society for its survival (such as reproduction of the population). Third, phenomena are seen to exist because they serve a function. Information Society Thoery-Info is the central driving force of productive power, social dependence on info, Info and comm. technology....
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  • Sociology, Studies Theories Normative Theory, intertextuality Goerge Gerbner-Cultivation, Theories Normative Theory, intertextuality Critical Theory-Economic, Everett Rodgers-Diffusion theory

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