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phil essay 1 - Friedrich Nietzsche's lifetime writings can...

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Friedrich Nietzsche’s lifetime writings can be considered some of contemporary philosophy’s greatest works. Although Nietzsche spoke about a vast array of topics in this unique field of wisdom, his lifetime concern was that of education and culture. Throughout Nietzsche’s life he wrote about and studied the modern school system in western culture. Most of his observations can be traced back to when he was a professor at an elite middle school and then at the University of Basel. This is where he developed a Humanist outlook of education opposed to the more popular scientific perspective. This brings one to question how the man feels about the modern education system, how if so he would change it, and why he feels that way. First we must look at Nietzsche’s third lecture; appropriately named, “The Future of Our Educational Institutions”. This speech goes in depth about the problems with German/Western educational system. The bit, in which I feel is the most influential line of the speech, speaks of a future education based on freewill and culture and denounces his naysayers. Nietzsche said; “it would seem in the meantime as if the spirit of antiquity, in its fundamental principles, had already been driven away from the portals of the public schools and as if here also the gates were thrown open as widely as possible to the be- flattered and pampered type of our present self-styled "German culture." And if the solitary talkers caught a glimpse of a single ray of hope, it was that things would have to
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phil essay 1 - Friedrich Nietzsche's lifetime writings can...

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