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Introduction to Philosophy Prof. Lucio Angelo Privitello, Ph.D. Spring 2008 Stockton College of NJ Paper Topics # 1 Papers are due in class Wednesday, February 13 th . Late papers will not be accepted and receive an “F”. Papers must be typed, three pages , at twelve point font, with a cover page (which I will explain in class), and numbered pages. Select One : 1 ) What must take place between the instant that “the colorful animal is itself a colorful window, behind which the wished-for-distance lies” and the instant when it becomes “no different than a stamp which tells of a foreign countries”? (See SR 5 ). You must carefully trace the steps (transformations) you imagine between these two poles. 2 ) Based on SR 2 (Sartre’s piece) explain how an ideal and engaging class is more like an adventure (a telling) than the comings and goings of living. Carefully use Sartre’s piece
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Unformatted text preview: to capture the excitement of this vision. You may use extra references on Sartre’s position on “storytelling” if you wish, or references to Sartre and pedagogy. Endnote all references. 3 ) From Bloch’s text “Much Tastes of More” ( SR 4 ), carefully analyze two of seven sentences (except for the sentences beginning “Boys destroy …” and the “Nobody could name it …”). This topic requires that you open up each sentence for two pages of analysis, and solid evocative writing. 4 ) From the Nietzsche readings ( PT ) put together a preliminary manifesto on a form of education that you believe would capture Nietzsche’s hope of a philosophy more connected to life. Use quotation when necessary, and make sure to develop the ideas clearly and in your voice. Endnote all references....
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