A Women in Berlin paper

A Women in Berlin paper - Gerber 1 War induced strife leads...

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Gerber 1 War induced strife leads people to commit desperate acts that they would not commit during peacetime, these for the sole purpose of self preservation. No war was as destructive and chaotic as World War Two; the destruction left in its wake caused many people, including the Germans to secure their own means of survival following the fall of Nazi Germany. Nazi armies had been continuously driven back from the doorstep of the Soviet capital Moscow in the East to the heart of their own capital Berlin following the disastrous military defeat suffered at Stalingrad in the winter of 1943. A Woman in Berlin , is an anonymous account of the spring of 1945 and the first eight weeks following the fall of Berlin in to the Russians, the diary is written by a woman that must use her body as a means to feed and protect herself. The overall basic instinct for survival leads the author of the diary to use her sexuality to manipulate and convince the Russian conquerors in to providing her food and some amount of protection from the majority of the Russian soldiers. Well before the fall of Berlin the residents of the city knew what was in store for them, they described their fate as “…rolling in from the east…like another Ice Age.” (2). They knew that the conquering Russians brought not only their conquering army but a hunger for revenge on the Germans for the personal and national hardships caused by the war. Stories from the territory captured by the Russians trickled in with refugees from the eastern German states. These stories included ones of rape of women and girls of every age on massive scales, later it was estimated that in Berlin alone one hundred thousand women had been raped (xi). All this anticipation of the arrival of the Russian caused many Berliners to be in state of unease the author of the diary described herself as: “…a
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A Women in Berlin paper - Gerber 1 War induced strife leads...

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