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Midterm ID's - -Frankenstein: Written by Mary Goodwin...

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-Frankenstein: Written by Mary Goodwin Shelley, who was the daughter of philosopher William Godwin and Mary Wollstonecraft in 1818, published at age 20, a Romantic critique of enlightened reason and early 19 th century ambivalence about science. -The Sadler Report: Written by Michael Sadler, exposed child labor in Great Britain in 1832 and helped bring about reform in this area -Concert of Europe: Was an agreement established at the Congress of Vienna in 1815 setting up a secure peace in Europe by creating an alliance of Britain, Austria, Prussia, and Russia in 1818. This mutual alliance meant the members would meet regularly and cooperate in the suppression of disturbances. This alliance was established to avoid a large scale continental war in Europe. -White Man’s Burden: Published in 1899 by Rudyard Kipling during the Spanish American War and the struggle for the Philippines, this Eurocentric poem was a call for The United State to take up the burden of empire, it became an instant classic and soon became part of the turn of the century debate on imperialism. This poem was a piece of imperialist propaganda that championed the idea of noble enterprise through empire and colonization. -St. Domingue: A former French Caribbean colony and the site of a slave rebellion in 1791 that was based on enlightenment ideas of freedom and equality, which embroiled English and French forces until 1804, when St. Domingue proclaimed itself the democratic republic of Haiti. -People’s Charter: An action of the Charist Movement (1839- 1848), between 1839 and 1842 over 3 million British signed this document calling for universal suffrage for all adult males, secret ballot, electoral districts and annual parliamentary elections. -Leopold II (1865-1909): was the King of Belgium who established the Belgium Congo in Africa. Leopold controlled this colony very oppressively and exploited resources heavily from this colony, the colony was personally owned by Leopold himself and he controlled it with his own private army. The oppression and appalling conditions in the
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Midterm ID's - -Frankenstein: Written by Mary Goodwin...

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