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AS AM paper 1 - Colin Gerber Gina Valentino Thursday 1-1:50...

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Colin Gerber Gina Valentino Thursday 1-1:50 AS AM 1, Winter 2008 The Saga of Nadir Sangha and his American Experience Shortly after my marriage to Nalini I was sent to abroad in search of wealth for my family. This was a result of our family’s ancestral land being foreclosed upon by British Colonial officials. If it had been up to me at the time, I would stayed with my wife, since we have only been married several months and I wished to start a family with her. But with any luck I assured her, I would be back in Punjab within four years and we could start our family. On March 25 th , 1913 I departed my village in the province of Ludihana outside of the city of Delhi; I was nineteen at the time. From the province of Punjab I traveled across India to the port of Calcutta were using the money my family had saved, I bought a one way ticket to Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. To get to Canada the steamer I was aboard had to first sail to Hong Kong in China, there I learned that there were restrictions on immigration to Canada. I then decided to change my destination to San Francisco and the gold state of California. This was a good alternative I thought because I happened to have a cousin working in agriculture near Sacramento. Upon my entry to port of San Francisco I observed a very different environment then I expected, there were people of all races and strange sights, I knew America was going to be a whole new experience for me. I found that there was no work for me in the city of San Francisco, most jobs that would be open to me were already occupied by the
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Gerber 2 Chinese and tightly regulated by their community organizations. I found though many other immigrant populations were concentrated in to close knit communities; my countrymen were greatly dispersed throughout the west coast of America. Compared to other immigrant populations, upon my arrival in the United States in the spring of 1914, there were very few Sikhs; this caused the ghora’s (white men) to give me many strange looks. They were not accustomed to seeing our turbans and long beards. After several
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This essay was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course AS AM 1 taught by Professor Zhao during the Winter '08 term at UCSB.

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AS AM paper 1 - Colin Gerber Gina Valentino Thursday 1-1:50...

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