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Gerber 1 Colin Gerber Professor Felando Film and Media Studies 46 4 February 2008 Film Form in The Illusionist The period drama, The Illusionist (Neil Burger, 2006), is a story of an Austrian illusionist named Eisenheim set in turn-of-the-century Vienna. This film is a story about Eisenheim’s long lost love Sophie and the mastery of his craft which he uses to reunite with her. Eisenheim has to be so cunning in his methods because he is constantly under the close scrutiny of Chief Inspector Uhl and Crown Prince Leopold, Sophie’s fiancé, whom he answers to. Throughout the duration of The Illusionist , parallelism is used to highlight events that are significant to the plot. Two such examples appear at the beginning and ending sequence of the film, the handing of the locket Eisenheim made for Sophie and the arrest of Eisenheim during one of his performances. This pair of parallel sequences in the film grabs the viewer’s attention by contrasting similarities and differences, establishing motivations and functions that then act as mechanisms for the motifs of mystery and love in the film to become apparent and develop. The opening of the film depicts Eisenheim on a stage, seemingly alone with little light illuminating his surroundings. During the performance while Eisenheim is concentrating very hard, he produces a ghostly figure of a woman. This appearance causes a great uproar from the crowd which leads the police to move in and declare Eisenheim is under arrest. This scene at the beginning of the movie leaves many
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Gerber 2 questions unanswered, such as why the crowd was in such an uproar over the appearance of the woman and also what exactly in the reason why the police would want to arrest the
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Illusionist Film Form paper - Gerber 1 Colin Gerber...

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