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Anthropology is broken down into four distinct areas of study. Biological anthropology seeks to answer questions regarding human origin, evolution, and the role biological functions play in the way humans interact with the world. Cultural anthropology addresses the culture and society of a particular people, this field also looks at the economic, political and religious characteristics of a group of people. Linguistic anthropology quite simply put, analyses the role of communication in a group of people. In a study of linguistics emphasis is placed on verbal and non verbal language, the link between a language and its culture, and the evolution of language. The fourth and final subdivision of anthropology is archeology, which uses artifacts left behind by past humans to get a better look at the way in which they lived. Cultural relativism suggests that humans view the world through the lens that their
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Unformatted text preview: culture provides them. Based on this it is nearly impossible for one to possess a completely objective view of a differing culture, as one is influenced very much so by their own society. Thusly people are governed by the ethical standards of their given culture. The denial of this principal can be seen as ethnocentrism, as those who view the world under this lens try to apply the standards of their own culture to the actions of a person of another culture. As a result of this, an ethnocentric philosophy often leads to a biased perspective towards other cultures. As the four subfields of anthropology are all very closely related it makes sense for them to be housed under one single discipline. This allows the collaboration of research in the four subfields to get a more complete picture of what is being studied....
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