Aggregates the data into equally spaced bins

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Unformatted text preview: ually spaced bins. Aggregates the data into unequally spaced bins. MATLAB Commands – 9 Programming Logical and Relational Operators == ~= < <= > >= & | ~ xor Relational operator: equal to. Relational operator: not equal to. Relational operator: less than. Relational operator: less than or equal to. Relational operator: greater than. Relational operator: greater than or equal to. Logical operator: AND. Logical operator: OR. Logical operator: NOT. Logical operator: EXCLUSIVE OR. Program Flow Control break case else elseif end error for if otherwise return switch warning while Terminates execution of a loop. Provides alternate execution paths within switch structure. Delineates alternate block of statements. Conditionally executes statements. Terminates for, while, and if statements. Display error messages. Repeats statements a specific number of times Executes statements conditionally. Default part of switch statement. Return to the invoking function. Directs program execution by comparing point with case expressions. Display a warning message. Repeats statements an indefinite number of times. Logical Functions any all find finite isnan isinf isempty isreal True if any elements are nonzero. True if all elements are nonzero. Finds indices of nonzero elements. True if elements are finite. True if elements are undefined. True if elements are infinite. True if matrix is empty. True if all elements are real. MATLAB Commands – 10 M-Files eval feval function global nargin nargout script Interpret strings containing Matlab expressions. Function evaluation. Creates a user-defined function M-file. Define global variables. Number of function input arguments. Number of function output arguments. Script M-files Timing cputime clock tic, toc CPU time in seconds. Current date and time as date vector. Start, stop a stopwatch timer. MATLAB Commands – 11 Mathematical Functions Exponential and Logarithmic Functions exp(x) log(x) log10(x) sqrt(x) Exponential; ex. Natural logarithm; ln(x). Common (base 10) logarithm; log(x)= log10(x). Square root; x. Trigonometric Functions acos(x) acot(x) acsc(x) asec(x) asin(x) atan(x) atan2(y,x) cos(x) cot(x) csc(x) sec(x) sin(x) tan(x) Inverse cosine; arcos x = cos –1 (x). Inverse cotangent; arccot x = cot –1(x). Inverse cosecant; arcs x = csc –1 (x). Inverse secant; arcsec x = sec –1 (x). Inverse sine; arcsin x = sin –1 (x). Inverse tangent; arctan x = tan –1 (x). Four-quadrant inverse tangent. Cosine; cos(x). Cotangent; cot(x). Cosecant; csc(x). Secant; sec(x). Sine; sin(x). Tangent; tan(x). Hyperbolic Functions acosh(x) acoth(x) acsch(x) asech(x) asinh(x) atanh(x) cosh(x) coth(x) csch(x) sech(x) sinh(x) tanh(x) Inverse hyperbolic cosine; cosh –1 (x)....
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