Computes dot products matrix commands for solving

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Unformatted text preview: ucts. Matrix Commands for Solving Linear Equations det inv pinv rank rref Computes determinant of an array. Computes inverse of a matrix. Computes pseudoinverse of a matrix. Computes rank of a matrix. Computes reduced row echelon form. MATLAB Commands – 6 Cell Array Functions cell celldisp cellplot num2cell deal iscell Creates cell array. Displays cell array. Displays graphical representation of cell array. Converts numeric array to cell array. Matches input and output lists. Identifies cell array. Structure Functions fieldnames getfield isfield isstruct rmfield setfield struct Returns field names in a structure array. Returns field contents of a structure array. Identifies a structure array field. Identifies a structure array. Removes a field from a structure array. Sets contents of field. Creates structure array. MATLAB Commands – 7 Plotting Commands Basic xy Plotting Commands axis fplot grid plot print title xlabel ylabel Sets axis limits. Intelligent plotting of functions. Displays gridlines. Generates xy plot. Prints plot or saves plot to a file Puts text at top of plot. Adds text label to x-axis. Adds text label to y-axis. Plot Enhancement Commands axes close close all figure gtext hold legend refresh set subplot text Creates axes objects. Closes the current plot. Closes all plots. Opens a new figure window. Enables label placement by mouse. Freezes current plot. Legend placement by mouse. Redraws current figure window. Specifies properties of objects such as axes. Creates plots in subwindows. Places string in figure. Specialized Plot Commands bar loglog polar semilogx semilogy stairs stem Creates bar chart. Creates log-log plot. Creates polar plot. Creates semilog plot (logarithmic abscissa). Creates semilog plot (logarithmic ordinate). Creates stairs pot. Creates stem plot. MATLAB Commands – 8 Colors, Symbols and Line Types Color y m c r g b w k yellow magenta cyan red green blue white black Symbol . o x + * d v ^ < > p h point circle x-mark plus star diamond triangle (down) triangle (up) triangle (left) triangle (right) pentagram hexagram Line : -. -- solid dotted dash dotted dashed Three-Dimensional Plotting Commands contour mesh meshc meshz plot3 surf surfc meshgrid waterfall zlabel Creates contour plot. Creates three-dimensional mesh surface plot. Same as mesh with contour plot underneath. Same as mesh with vertical lines underneath. Creates three-dimensional plots from lines and points. Creates shaded three-dimensional mesh surface plot. Same as surf with contour plot underneath. Creates rectangular grid. Same as mesh with mesh lines in one direction. Adds text label to z-axis. Histogram Functions bar hist histc Creates a bar chart. Aggregates the data into eq...
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