Inverse hyperbolic cotangent coth 1 x inverse

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Unformatted text preview: Inverse hyperbolic cotangent; coth –1 (x). Inverse hyperbolic cosecant; csch –1 (x). Inverse hyperbolic secant; sech –1 (x). Inverse hyperbolic sine; sinh –1 (x). Inverse hyperbolic tangent; tanh –1 (x). Hyperbolic cosine; cosh(x). Hyperbolic cotangent; cosh(x)/sinh(x). Hyperbolic cosecant; 1/sinh(x). Hyperbolic secant; 1/cosh(x). Hyperbolic sine; sinh(x). Hyperbolic tangent; sinh(x)/cosh(x). MATLAB Commands – 12 Complex Functions abs(x) angle(x) conj(x) imag(x) real(x) Absolute value; |x|. Angle of a complex number x. Complex conjugate of x. Imaginary part of a complex number x. Real part of a complex number x. Statistical Functions erf(x) mean median std Computes the error function erf (x). Calculates the average. Calculates the median. Calculates the standard deviation. Random Number Functions rand randn Generates uniformly distributed random numbers between 0 and 1. Generates normally distributed random numbers. Numeric Functions ceil fix floor round sign Rounds to the nearest integer toward •. Rounds to the nearest integer toward zero. Rounds to the nearest integer toward - •. Rounds towards the nearest integer. Signum function. String Functions findstr strcmp char Finds occurrences of a string. Compares strings. Creates character string array MATLAB Commands – 13 Numerical Methods Polynomial and Regression Functions conv deconv eig poly polyfit polyval roots Computes product of two polynomials Computes ratio of polynomials. Computes the eigenvalues of a matrix. Computes polynomial from roots. Fits a polynomial to data. Evaluates polynomial and generates error estimates. Computes polynomial roots. Interpolation Functions interp1 interp2 spline unmkpp Linear and cubic-spline interpolations of a function of one variable. Linear interpolation of a function of two variables. Cubic-spline interpolation. Computes the coefficients of cubic-spine polynomials. Root Finding and Minimization fmin fmins fzero Finds minimum of single-variable function. Finds minimum of multivariable function. Finds zero of single-variable function. Numerical Integration Functions quad quadl trapz Numerical integration with adaptive Simpson’s rule. Numerical integration with adaptive Lobatto quadrature. Numerical integration with the trapezoidal rule. Numerical Differentiation Functions diff(x) polyder Computes the difference between adjacent elements in the vector x. Differentiates a polynomial, a polynomial product, or a polynomial quotient. MATLAB Commands – 14 ODE Solvers ode23 ode45 ode113 ode23s ode23t ode23b ode15s odeset Nonstiff, low-order solver. Nonstiff, medium-order solver. Nonstiff, variable-order solver. Stiff, low-order. Moderately stiff, trapezoidal rule...
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