Stiff low order solver stiff variable order solver

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Unformatted text preview: solver. Stiff, low-order solver. Stiff, variable-order solver. Creates integrator options structure for ODE solvers. Predefined Input Functions gensig sawtooth square stepfun Generates a periodic sine, square, or pulse input. Generates a periodic sawtooth input. Generates a square wave input. Generates a step function input. MATLAB Commands – 15 Symbolic Math Toolbox Functions for Creating and Evaluating Symbolic Expressions class digits double ezplot findsym numden sym syms vpa Returns the class of an expression. Sets the number of decimal digits used to do variable precision arithmetic. Converts an expression to numeric form. Generates a plot of a symbolic expression. Finds the symbolic variables in a symbolic expression. Returns the numerator and denominator of an expression. Creates a symbolic variable. Creates one or more symbolic variables. Sets the number of digits used to evaluate expressions. Functions for Manipulating Symbolic Expressions collect expand factor poly2sym pretty simple simplify subs sym2poly Collects coefficients of like powers in an expression. Expands an expression by carrying out jpowers. Factors an expression. Converts a polynomial coefficient vector to a symbolic polynomial. Displays an expression in a form that resembles typeset mathematics. Searches for the shortest form of an expression. Simplifies an expression using Maple’s simplification rules. Substitutes variables or expressions. Converts an expression to a polynomial coefficient vector. Symbolic Calculus Functions diff Dirac Heaviside int limit symsum taylor Returns the derivative of an expression. Dirac delta function (unit impulse). Heaviside function (unit step). Returns the integral of an expression. Returns the limit of an expression. Returns the symbolic summation of an expression. Returns the Taylor series of a function. MATLAB Commands – 16 Symbolic Solution of Algebraic and Transcendental Equations solve Solves symbolic equations. Symbolic Solution of Differential Equations dsolve Returns a symbolic solution of a differential equation or set of equations. Laplace Transform Functions ilaplace laplace Returns the inverse Laplace transform. Returns the Laplace transform. Symbolic Linear Algebra Functions det eig inv poly Returns the determinant of a matrix. Returns the eigenvalues (characteristic roots) of a matrix. Returns the inverse of a matrix. Returns the characteristic polynomial of a matrix. MATLAB Commands – 17...
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