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Addedfeatures howistheserviceitselfconstructed

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Unformatted text preview: duction of the status quo and the power held by the privileged This is a vehicle for the privileged to justify their power Because we have dehumanized and rendered the oppressed in a one­down space as one of inferiority Lets the privileged bypass the immorality of their superiority, letting them ignore cognitive dissonance of injustice of superior/inferior systems Even lets the privileged take on the savior role as one of civilizing, helping and placating the Discussion: How does dominant discourse show up in RF sites? Added features? How is the service itself constructed? Innocent “Helping” in untroubled manner Beyond reproach If clients complain – being “ungrateful” or “oppositional” If staff complain – being “duped” or “bleeding heart” Anti­Oppressive Ally Skills Work through resistance (yours and others)...
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