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Ally skills 5 methods to interrupt oppression

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Unformatted text preview: skills 5. Methods to interrupt oppression Overview of today Pre-session review Learning the local context At minimum, review data from Burns Institute on your state’s DMC data, looking at history of disproportionality in different areas. Ideally, review poverty data for region for groups of different race & ethnicities and compare with 5 years ago Reading materials Morley – Teaching critical practice: Resisting structural domination through critical reflection Tatum – The complexity of identity: “Who am I?” Review of Webinar Conflict perspective – power imbalances at root of distress Accounts for distress much better (and in non- blaming ways) than psychosocial models Multi-level manifestations and multi-level interventions Better explain disparities Counter-cultural lens… this is a hard sell, particularly in the justice field AOP as applied to the RF context Service fragmentation… who wi...
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