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Unformatted text preview: is not challenged Function Limits who we are and who we can be Prescribes being “normal” via defining insiders and outsiders Reflections on Dominant Discourse What is reproduced in the image? How is the colonizer portrayed? How are the colonized portrayed? How is Christianity portrayed? What is portrayed of the relationship between the two? Is this image a dominant one? What is the impact of images & texts like this? That one was easy… let’s take on something harder… What dominant discourses are in photo? What do you notice about the picture? How is motherhood constructed? How is female constructed? How is it gendered, raced, classed, aged and sexually oriented? What norms (or“normativity”) is reproduced here? What is your experience if you are outside these norms? What is the consequence of hanging this photo (or equivalent image) in a battered women’s shelter? What if this impact is not intended? (“it’s just a nice picture!”) In the AOP framewo...
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