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Listen and reflect listen some more and then listen

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Unformatted text preview: that shows up in many forms “That all happened a long time ago – don’t blame me.” “I’m not racist (or sexist or classist).” “I’m a good person – I’ve never done anything nasty to someone who is struggling. So don’t blame me.” “I “I have friends who are oppressed.” don’t see people as black or white; I see them all as part of the human race.” Ally practices Assume racism (and other forms of oppression) is everywhere, everyday. Be a worker in your own liberation struggle. Work to end oppression when you experience it. Help members of your own group understand oppression. Listen and reflect. Listen some more. And then listen deeper. And again. Recognize that being a member of an oppressor group does not make you bad. More ally skills When working in solidarity with the oppressed: Work in service of their leadership and their empowerment Don’t assume that you know what is best for them. Never take public credit or attention for their process. Don’t expect the group to easily agree – What people of color say they want from whites Respect us Find out about us Don’t take over Provide information Resources Don’t make assumptions Stand by my side Don’t assume you know what is best for me Take risks Money Don’t take it perso...
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