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Wecan simplysuggestthattheimpactexistsandbypassthe

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Unformatted text preview: rk, the impact is what matters Important because we don’t have to prove motivation in order to take the issue seriously Significance of disproportionality in our systems is what matters – we don’t have to slide into proving what someone intended, just that the impact exists One benefit is that in interrupting such dominance, we can presume intention did not exist. We can simply suggest that the impact exists, and bypass the issue of intention. People prefer to have the best presumed about them, rather What about discursive language? “The smell of urine was in the hall.” “The client was late for 3 sessions in a row.” “Amanda denies using cocaine.” “This is an at­risk client.” “Carlos comes from an intact family.” Other examples? Most insidious impact? It plays a significant role in the repro...
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