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Shame to believe in the possibility of learning and

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Unformatted text preview: nally Make mistakes Understanding Honesty How to interrupt oppression Confront the behavior Not doing so serves to sanction & perpetuate the actions Silence is complicity Methods Express your disapproval of the behavior… assert yourself Interrupt and educate, explaining what is oppressive about the behavior Support the proactive responses of others (that promote understanding of differences & take action to promote understanding) Initiate a proactive response that allows you to work for On Graceful Interventions Please aspire to the following To notice and interrupt To educate as opposed to shame To believe in the possibility of learning and transformation (or else why are we doing this?) To accept apologies To enter such engagement with grace To be willing to hold ourselves complicit as well To bracket self-righteousness To occupy a stance of humility for all the work we still have to do Practicing Interventions You listen to a customer give a cashier a hard time – she says, “I can’t understand you. Why don’t you learn English?” As you walk past an in...
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