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character analysis - Justin Bryant Acting 1 Character...

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Justin Bryant Acting 1 Character Analysis 1. Desire In True West, Lee attempts to legitimatize his nomadic and un-ambitious lifestyle by exerting control over his brother Austin. While by no means is Austin the pinnacle of success, relative to Lee, Austin proves to be a constant reminder of his brothers inadequacies. The conflict Lee faces is more of an internal struggle than anything else, as the outward conflict between Lee and his brother is merely a reflection of the internal turmoil Lee faces. Lee is trying to prove himself inwardly and in setting out to do that, he is effectively proving himself to his brother as well. Lee achieves this sense of adequacy by engaging in a battle of one-upmanship with his brother. Lee attempts to undermine his brother by proving that he is capable of matching Austin’s successes by producing a screenplay that is chosen over Austin’s. At the same time Lee tries to sell Austin his lifestyle through contrasting it to the stationary, monotonous lifestyle that Austin leads. Ultimately it would seem as though Austin buys into Lee’s notion as towards the end of the play Austin attempts to emulate his brother. If in the play Lee failed to achieve his objective, he would most likely resort to violence, or at the very least try to instill fear into Austin’s mind. 2.
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character analysis - Justin Bryant Acting 1 Character...

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