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Geography classnotes - Geography 3/18/08 18/03/2008...

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Unformatted text preview: Geography 3/18/08 18/03/2008 07:53:00 Schooling and Affirmative Action: Whiteness as property? Schools as creating informed citizens in a democracy AA as a corrective to persistent inequality o Addresses historical exclusions, present access o Why is push back against minorities rather than companies leaving US with shrinking opportunities? Misconceptions o Asks employers/institutions to LOOK BEYOND their immediate cohort, consider a brouder pool. Not hire blindly o AA doesnt equal quotas for admissions were ruled unconstitutional in Bakke (1978) Property and Citizenship Coming to industrial America: Space and ethnicity o Tenements o Kitchenettes  Precursors to housing projects  More immigrants came, led to those areas being dirty  Education not yet provided for immigrant children o Jacob Riis (Bandits Roost c. 1891)  Famous published photographer of underclass  Created national image of what city looked like...
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This note was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course GEOG 060 taught by Professor Mccandless during the Spring '08 term at Vermont.

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Geography classnotes - Geography 3/18/08 18/03/2008...

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