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Design a Home Theater
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Daniel Alvarado Jr. Math II 8-Aug-13 Design a Home Theater A. You will have a screen that is 160’ Wide x 120’ in height B. You will have 5 tiered rows of seating able to seat 25 people\ C. Every row will have line of sight view D. Research the concept of subtended angles of vision. Provide a drawing of each relative to the viewer that demonstrates your use of trig to determine each. E. If each row is 3 Feet wide and has a rise of 1 foot to accommodate line of site view. How much room area is needed for the seating? Draw a diagram of the seating that clearly shows horizontal and vertical subtended angles of vision for each row to the screen The average person should be about 5’8 Weight class should vary from 100Lbs – 200lbs
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Unformatted text preview: Daniel Alvarado Jr. Math II 8-Aug-13 Daniel Alvarado Jr. Math II 8-Aug-13 Daniel Alvarado Jr. Math II 8-Aug-13 Daniel Alvarado Jr. Math II 8-Aug-13 • True rocker seat and back • Lift-up cup holder armrests • Scratch and dent resistant seat and back shells • Silent gravity-lift seat • Sculptured cushions with lumbar support • Ergonomically engineered • Commercial grade fabric upholstery Daniel Alvarado Jr. Math II 8-Aug-13 • 14-gauge steel legs and feet • Product Dimensions : Height 38", Width 22", Depth closed 24", Depth open 28" Daniel Alvarado Jr. Math II 8-Aug-13 • Shipping Weight : 95 pounds per chair...
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