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5 pg paper2

5 pg paper2 - Lisa Zanchi LCS-151 Suhier Hammad Paper All...

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Lisa Zanchi LCS-151 3/5/08 Suhier Hammad Paper All of the pieces of writing by Suheir Hammad, Sigmond Freud, Isabel Fonseca, and Kayla Williams, discuss the culture and society we live in and how it affects individuals. Suhier Hammad is a poet who discusses the racial discrimination that is a flaw within our American society. In his essay, Sigmond Freud explores the imperfections that make up civilization’s culture and the ways in which individuals are impaired as a result. Isabel Fonseca is a journalist who decides to investigate the Gypsy culture first hand and describe her experience to her readers, in the hopes that they will understand the Gypsy people better. Kayla Williams is a female war veteran who writes a memoir about her experience in the army and the injustices she faced while overseas. Each author has a unique style, position, and idea; however they all explore our society and its flaws. They, also, use their pieces of literature as vessels to put forth their thoughts and opinions to their readers. Suheir Hammad’s poem, “A Revision of First Writing Since,” performed at Def Poetry Jam is a cry to her listeners for change in society. She uses the words and the audience to display her message as her form of agency. She starts her performance by stating, “There have been no words. I have not written one word. No poetry in the ashes south of Canal Street. No prose in the refrigerated trucks driving debris and DNA. Not one word.” Verbally no one has spoken out about what has happened in our country during September 11 th .” With these powerful sentences she exposes the lack of speech our country practiced after 9/11. Most people were not sure how to deal with it, approach it, or speak about it with their fellow Americans. Very few immediately expressed their emotions through artistic means like poetry, music, etc. However, Hammad’s whole poem digs deep into the heart of the problems that caused and were
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a result of 9/11. She discusses her thoughts as the plains hit, “First, please God, let it be a mistake, the pilot's heart failed, the plane's engine died. Then please god, let it be a nightmare, wake me now. Please god, after the second plane, please, don't let it be anyone who looks like my brothers.” She knew if the people who caused the incident resembled her ethnicity, she would face racism, discrimination, and prejudice based on an action that was out of her control. Society where then on judge her based off of the horrible actions of somebody who is not related to her but looks like her. In her argument, this is the main problem with society, judging a person because of their appearance. Hammad describes her experience with racial profiling and
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5 pg paper2 - Lisa Zanchi LCS-151 Suhier Hammad Paper All...

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