ACCT1101 - Lecture 1

Answers to these questions will be posted on the

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Unformatted text preview: uestions. Answers to these questions will be posted on the blackboard the following week. questions The second hour is focused on helping students to understand the topic and to The practice MCQ and additional exercises. practice 4 • Mid­Semester Exam ASSESSMENT ASSESSMENT Due date: TBA (alternative dates: 9th April, 16th April or 7th May) Weight: 25% Perusal: 10 minutes; Duration: 60 minutes Format: Multiple­choice, practical exercises, problem solving. Topics covered: Lectures 1 to 4 (and related tutes) • Project: Financial (Statement) Analysis Due date: 4 pm, Thursday 26th May Weight: 20% The project is to be done on groups of 3 students prefereably attending (and signed on to) the same tutorial • Final Exam Due date: Examination period Weight: 55% Perusal: 10 minutes; Duration: 120 minutes Format: Multiple­choice, short answer, practical, problem solving Topics covered: ALL topics covered in the course (but particular emphasis will be placed on Lectures 5 to 12) 5 Overview of Course Aims Overview To have you: • Understand the language of accounting, the purpose Understand of accounting information, and the role of accounting in business and decision making. in • Appreciate the need for a business plan (CVP and Appreciate Budgeting) • Appreciate what an accounting system is and how Appreciate business activities (operating, financing and investing) are recorded as part of the accounting process process 6 • Build an understanding of the “output” of the Build accounting system (the major financial statements: the Income Statement, the Balance Sheet and the Cash Flow Statement) and how to interpret each statement and the relationships between them particularly in relation to “performance”. particularly • Understand the fundamentals of the investment Understand decision and the time value of money. decision In summary, the course aims In o • tto provide you with an understanding of accounting and its various roles in decision making making ...
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