AMH1041.03.Exam Three Study Guide

AMH1041.03.Exam Three Study Guide - AMH1041.10 Fall 2007...

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Unformatted text preview: AMH1041.10 Fall 2007 Exam Three Study Guide Key Terms : The first section will contain identifications. You will have to pick six of seven identifications. For each identification, you will need to tell me who or what it is, when and where it was, what caused it and what impact did it have, and why it was important. Below is the list of IDs that will be on the test: Industrialization Railroads Elevators Interstate Commerce Commission conspicuous consumption Gilded Age Social Darwinism Pullman Strike Taylorism Gospel of Wealth Horatio Alger Chinese Exclusion Act Gentlemans Agreement Immigrant Restriction League First Quota Law National Origins Act Selective Service Act War Industries Board National War Labor Board Committee for Public Info. George Creel four minute men Espionage Act Sedition Acts Automobiles Radio Jazz Harlem Renaissance Immigration Restriction League First Quota Law National Quota Law Red Scare Sacco and Vanzetti Prohibition Great Depression Herbert Hoover...
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