snowboard - Eng 51 The Snowboard Book As a child I've...

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Eng. 51 The Snowboard Book As a child I’ve always wanted to learn how to snowboard, it just seemed like the coolest sport out there. It was at the top of my list of “Things to do”. My first time attempting to snowboard was last winter; it didn’t go very well. I remember falling head first, so many times that I blacked out. It was extremely painful, but kind of fun at the same time. At the end of the day my entire body was aching with bruises all over the place. It was difficult for me to sit for days; I couldn’t even run. Picking up a “how to” book on snowboarding will benefit me by getting my book response done and teach me how to ride better this winter. In the book, The Snowboard Book: a Guide for all Boarders , the author, Lowell Hart talks about techniques to getting started to freestyle basics. I’ve gained many ideas from this book, such as learning how to control my speed, movement, first turns, and smoothing out bumps. On the mountain slope, the terrain will be ever-changing and the snowboarder must learn how to adjust his/her speed and movement to the changes of the terrain. In the guide, Hart talks about “key movements” that will help the beginning snowboarder get through the changes. “You are almost always balanced on one of your board’s two edges (toe and heel) as you ride… Edging helps you to control both your speed and direction…” says Hart. This leads to the first key movements in the guide, which are the “Edging Movements”; the Toe-Side Edging and the Heel-Side Edging. In the Toe-Side
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snowboard - Eng 51 The Snowboard Book As a child I've...

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