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AMH1041 Fall 2007 Exam One Study Guide Your exam will have two sections. Key Terms : The first section will contain identifications. You will have to pick four of six identifications. For each identification, you will need to tell me who or what it is, when and where it was, and why it was important. This last part is the most important part of the identification. Why was the term important for the time period and for this class? How did it impact the history we have studied? Below is the list of identifications that will be on the test: Columbian Exchange Jamestown St. Augustine New Amsterdam Passage to China Sieur de la Salle Squanto Indentured Servants Headright System Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Barbados Sugar Tobacco Rice Lord Baltimore James Oglethorpe Nathaniel Bacon Puritans Anne Hutchinson Salem Witch Trials The Great Awakening William Penn War of Jenkin’s Ear King George’s War Louisburg French and Indian war George Washington
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Unformatted text preview: Quebec Pontiac’s Rebellion Fort Pitt Proclamation Line of 1763 Boston Massacre Boston Tea Party Stamp Act Intolerable Acts First Continental Congress Essays: The second part of the exam will be the essay section. This section will have three of the following questions, of which you must pick two. Describe the differences between the colonial missions of the British, Dutch, French and Spanish and how these differences impacted the history of European colonies in the Americas Describe how the image of native peoples held by the English was different from the reality. Why did Europeans turn to enslaved African men and women for labor? Describe some of the differences between the four southern colonies. What role did religion play in the English colonies of North America? What impact did the French and Indian War have on formation of the American Revolution?...
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