Test3 - Origins of Political Parties Federalists v...

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Origins of Political Parties: Federalists v. Anti-Federalists Started to form in Constitutional Convention Federalists believed in Strong Federal Government. They would love a strong national government. An Anti-Federalist thought Strong Federal Government would become tyrannical. They loved state governments. The government that governs least is the “Best” kind of government. John Adams was an Anti-Federalist Anti-Federalists didn’t want the president to have control over the military in case they wanted to defy a law they didn’t want the president to send troops into their state. Political parties formed with the issue over: “How much power should be given to a national government”. 9 of the 13 state governments had to approve a document to get it ratified. John Locke’s contract theory of government: People have certain natural rights given to us by nature’s creator: Life, Liberty, and Property. He thought that government was a contract and was used to protect our god given rights. So his theory was that if you felt a government was not protecting your rights you were obligated to create a new government to protect those rights. The people creating the national government needed to create a “List of Rights” or the Bill of Rights. In Nov. 1788, voters were deciding who would be in the House of Representatives. Each state receives a number of electors equal to the number of votes in the U.S. congress. This is for the Electoral College. John Madison had created the ideas for the Bill of Rights. Political Parties (In the Cabinet and in Congress) For secretary of treasury, George Washington chose Alexander Hamilton. He respected Alexander for his financial ability. Hamilton was a federalist and thought a strong national government was best. For Secretary of State, Washington chose Tom Jefferson. Jefferson was an anti-federalist. Washington thought Jefferson had great political theories. Domestic problems (Problems within the country) included: National Debt, Lack of an army, and Lack of a navy. Alex thought that America needed to be “Economically Independent”. He made a 20-year plan to get out of debt. So the future would mean America would have to become a manufacturing nation. If America is a manufacturing nation, they would have to import less, and National Debt would improve. Tom said America was a “Farming” nation. At the time it was 90% farmers. Now we are less than 2% farmers. (Meaning Alexander’s view played out) Tom thought the government must promote farming over manufacturing.
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Alex thought that America needed to establish good credit. Alex thought America might eventually need to borrow money to create factories to push for a manufacturing nation. To create good credit and pay back loans, Alex thought America should pass
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Test3 - Origins of Political Parties Federalists v...

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