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Human Resource Processes Behavioral Dimension

Acomplementarytransactionspccp p a c ss timu lus r re

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Unformatted text preview: Improving boss – subordinate relationship • Stress management Transactional Analysis Transactional Analysis A: Complementary Transactions AA­ AA P A C S (Stimulus) R ( Response) P A C S: “I want the proposal on Tuesday ” R: “I will do my best to get it to you then.” A: Complementary Transactions PC ­ CP P A C S (S timu lus) R ( Re spo nse ) P A C S: “Make sure you get your proposal done.” R: “Sure, Sir you are very kind.” B: Crossed Transactions AA ­ CP P P S A C R A C S: “I want the proposal on Tuesday.” R: “It seems you do not like my work.” B: Crossed Transactions AA ­ PC P P S A C R A C S: “Sir, I’ll have my proposal done by Monday.” R: “An early submission is not going to impress me.” C: Duplex Transactions : A Game Psychological Level P A C S P R A R S Social Level: Social Level C Psychological Level S: “You can give proposal late on S: “Idiot, Later than Wednesday Wednesday” you are suspended” R: “I’ll do my best to get it on R: “You would not do that. The Managerial Grid The Managerial Grid Concern for People 9 High 9.9 Team Manager 1.9 Country Club 5.5 Middle of the Road 5 1.1 Impoverished Low 1 9.1 Task­ Manager 5 Low Concern for Task High 9 Transcendental Leadership Transcendental Leadership • Crossing the boundaries • Beyond the curve thinking • Transformational style • Brainstorming • Spiritual and emotional intelligence Transcendental Leadership- 4 Transcendental Dimensions Dimensions 1 2 Relentless Beyond innovation Broad Broad vision vision 3 Inspire Curve Thinking 4. 4. HUMAN VALUES LEVELS OF INITAITING CREATIVE PARTICIPATION CREATIVE High High Transformative Transformative Innovative Innovative TRUST Proactive Proactive Active Active Low Passive Passive Low AUTONOMY AUTONOMY High k n a h T u...
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