Human Resource Processes Behavioral Dimension

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Unformatted text preview: problem solving & decision making 6. Inter­ group cooperation & competition Why of Human Resource Processes? Studying Human Studying Human Resource Processes Avoiding problems Making operations Successful Org. effectiveness Why study Human Resource W hy study Human Resource Processes? • Processes make differences between effective and ineffective operations in a system. • Many problems arise because not enough attention paid to processes. • Understanding human processes by which things get done in org. is important for its effectiveness. How to improve Human Resource Processes? – Level 1 Internalize I nternalize Understand Diagnose How to improve Human Resource Processes? – Level 2 Stress/ Conflict Mgt Team Building & TA OD Interventions OD Interventions Organizational Grid Model Grid Model mirroring Interventions • Sensitizing the leaders & individuals about : – How people get along – TA and IPC – How conflicts are resolved? – Leadership approaches – Interdepartmental interactions Interventions • Team building and problem solving • Understanding organizational culture •...
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