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September 11, 2007 The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade WASPM- the rich Americans – White, American, Single, protestant, men Diaspora- groups of people who leave their home land or migrate Africa has a history of slavery Portuguese stayed the longest in African slave trade also took slaves to Portugal Canary and Medeiros islands good for sugar cane so Portuguese used this to  their advantage Europeans were going to use lower class to do work in new world because the  natives wouldn’t work Indentured. I.E.- indentured servants and headright  systems-settlers promised 50 to 100 acres per family members (wasn’t enough  ind. serv. started) Indentured servants- transport, food, shelter for time of contract (4 to5 yrs) didn’t  work very well could add years to the contract always treated as humans  Europeans and Christians mostly men growth in prostitution was used the most 
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Unformatted text preview: to bring in labor up to the 1670s didn’t continue because of decrease in birthrate increase in economic conditions in Europe Turned to Africa because it was well suited for slave because there is already a system in place, Africans were resistant to European diseases physical ,differences to distinguish between slaves and non- slaves, no one speaks up for African American rights Europeans take 400 years to set up colonies in Africa because the African were so powerful Majority of slaves from Africa were already enslaved by other Africans-War, slave raiding, Criminals, debtors, parents for money All had expectations of being slaves and never going free African slaves were treated as animals slave ships stuffed to the max...
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