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When thinking about this drawing the punnett square

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Unformatted text preview: or hairy, and this difference is determined by a single gene, H (call H the dominant allele and h the recessive allele). Examine the results of the following crosses. For each cross, indicate the genotypes of the parents and progeny: cross# parents progeny 1 hairy X hairy all hairy 2 hairy X hairy 3/4 hairy, 1/4 smooth 3 hairy X smooth 1/2 hairy, 1/2 smooth 4 hairy X smooth all hairy Answer: Cross 1 genotype HH x HH - > HH Cross 2 genotype Hh x Hh - > HH, Hh, hH, hh Cross 3 genotype Hh x hh - > Hh, hh Cross 4 genotyp HH x hh - > Hh 9) Joe has a white cat named Sam. When Joe crosses Sam with a black cat, he obtains ½ white kittens and ½ black kittens. When the black kittens are interbred, all the kittens they produce are black. On...
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