Macarthyism - Ashley Gajdosz AMH 2010 Tues. Thurs....

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Ashley Gajdosz AMH 2010 Tues. Thurs. 5:15-6:30 The Truth about McCarthyism The causes of McCarthyism reach back to the early 1900's with the first Red Scare. Other causes include the Russian expansion after World War II, the Truman doctrine and Marshall Plan, the Berlin Blockade, the loss of the China Hands and the "fall" of China, the Atomic Spy cases, and the police action in Korea. These factors contributed to the public fear of communist expansion. There was, however, another important pre-condition; there had been nearly 20 years of progressivism and the public was tired of it, they could not keep up with the changes. The common men who were down and out in the 30's would tolerate the changes because they wanted economic conditions to improve; by 1950, the common men had been brought out of the depression and had a lot of buying power. Now that they personally did not need more improvement, they forgot the past, and went against the `New Deal’ that they associated with Communism. McCarthyism was an attitude that was named after McCarthy because he personified it. McCarthyism is the use of intimidation and unfounded accusations in the name of fighting communism. It is a lack of intelligent discussion, the presumption of guilt instead of innocence, and the idea of guilt by association. Truman's Federal Employee Loyalty Program prevented openly criticizing American foreign policy, advocating equal rights for women, owning books on socialism, and attending foreign films; these clearly contradict the principles on which America was formed. A person accused of being a Communist could not fight back because social sanctions would be imposed before any sort of trial or reply was allowedThe people imposing 1
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these social sanctions did not care for facts; they wanted a scapegoat. Because of this fear of
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Macarthyism - Ashley Gajdosz AMH 2010 Tues. Thurs....

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