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Lecture 1 - enzyme kinetics

Also labeled is methionine 222 which is t he residue

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Unformatted text preview: ases. Also labeled is methionine 222 which is t he residue identified by peptide mapping studies t o be oxidized t o the sulfoxide by H P02 with res ultant inactivation (Stauffer nd Etson, a 1969). S ubstrate binds from t he N t o C terminus across t he binding cleft extending from t he upper right t o lower left (Robertus et al., 1972). TABLE I \ { mef -222 kc/ v r ground secreted protease activity Relative specificactivities of codon 222 m utant subtilisins creted proteases. Furthermore, Estell et al., 1985. Engineering an Enzyme by Site-directed Mutagenesis to Be Resistant to Chemical Oxidation. M utant enzymes were purified J.aBiol. assayed a6518-6521. nd Chem. 260: s described under tween t he plasmid containing the “Materials a nd Methods.” the host subtilisin gene can be av Relative specific To determine t he specific activ Codon 222 activity enzymes were purified from cult Enzyme Kinetics! Case Study - Genetic Engineering of Subtilisin! Subtilisin added to laundry detergents to clean protein food stains from fabri...
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