Lecture 1 - enzyme kinetics

Possible if s and p have different light absorbing

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Unformatted text preview: if S and P have different light absorbing properties Enzyme Kinetics! Case Study - Genetic Engineering of Subtilisin! 2 NO Example: Subtilisin Assay (in case study handout) Substrate: synthetic, artificial (synthesized in lab) & colourless + =O =O O O P O- O N – Succinyl – Ala – Ala – Pro – Phe – p - nitroanaline 2 O - P O H2N - O NO2 OH 2 NO NO Product is Yellow O OH - NO2 Subtilisin H + 2O Peptide linkage hydrolyzed by subtilisin O 2 H C – (CH2)2 – C – N – Ala – Ala – Pro – Phe – C –NN2 O H H + + Product liberated p-nitroanaline HP -2 O4 4 HP O Enzyme Kinetics! Effects of [substrate] on Reaction Rates! What will a substrate progress curve look like for each test tube? W hich will have the largest reaction rate? WHY? 1 Enzyme Substrate 2 3 Enzyme Kinetics! Effects of [substrate] on Reaction Rates! 100% [S] Vo % of initial Initial Rate Time (s) Recall: rate = [S]o (mM) ∆[S] ∆t = rise run units (mM) (s) Enzyme Kinetics! Effects of [Substrate] on Reaction Rates! saturati...
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