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Lecture 1 - enzyme kinetics

Problem subtilisin is inactivated by bleach peroxide

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Unformatted text preview: cs. Problem: Subtilisin is inactivated by bleach (peroxide) in laundry detergent. This is due to oxidation of active site residue Met-222 & the formation of methionine sulfoxide. Oxidized Met interferes with important reactive residues. Enzyme Kinetics! Case Study - Genetic Engineering of Subtilisin! Site-Directed Mutagenesis. Solution: Use genetic engineering (site-directed mutagenesis) to replace Met-222 with another residue that does not react with peroxide yet P enzyme of function. still allows the roductionto a n Oxidatively Resistant Subtilisin F IG. 1. Stereoscopic view of t he active site of subtilisin from B . a m- \ kc/ yloliquefaciena s tructure (Wright et a l.. 1969). Residues labeled include NEED to put numbers to 32 serine 221, histidine 64, a nd aspartate which form t he function to enzyme catalytic triad typical of serine proteases. Also labeled is methio222 which is t he residue identified nineunderstand effects by peptide mapping studies t o be oxid f changing amino acyloized to the sulfoxide by HP02 with res ultant inactivation (Stauffer nd Etson, a 1969)...
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