S ubstrate binds from t he n t o c residues on

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Unformatted text preview: . S ubstrate binds from t he N t o C residues on function { mef -222 terminus across t he binding cleft extending from t he upper right t o lower left (Robertus et al., 1972). TABLE I Relative specificactivities of codon 222 m utant subtilisins v r ground secreted protease activity creted proteases. Furthermore, Enzyme Kinetics! Case Study - Genetic Engineering of Subtilisin! Subtilisin: Extracellular proteolytic enzyme synthesized by Grampositive bacteria eg. Bacillus subtilis. 6519 P roduction of a n Oxidatively Resistant Subtilisin iew of t he from B . a me (Wright et \ eled include a spartate32 i ad typical of ed is methioue identified es t o be oxiP 02 with refera nd Etson, t he N t o C cleft extendt o lower left kc/ Wild Type { mef -222 v r Activity e.g. µmol/mg/min TABLE I \ ground secreted protease activity from these two major seities of codon 222 m utant subtilisins creted proteases. Furthermore, possible recombination bepurified a nd assayed a s described under tween t he plasmid containing the mutant subtilisin gene and the host subtilisin gene can be avoided. Estell et al.,...
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