Bill of Rights and Georgia Constitution

Reconstruction era 1877 constitution widely unpopular

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Unformatted text preview: popular); requirement that all back taxes must be paid for a person to vote; further limited power of the state legislature power 1945: state civil service system 1945: established; home rule granted to counties and cities and Current Georgia Constitution Current Adopted in 1983 Written in much simpler language Eliminated the ability of localities to put Eliminated forward amendments to the constitution forward Greater transparency and organization in Greater legislative committees legislative Process for amendment: Proposal by 2/3 Process vote in both houses of the GA; ratification by voters (simple majority) by Current Georgia Constitution Current Provides for three branches of Provides government: government: Governor-elected by direct vote General Assembly-bicameral (two houses) House of Representatives Senate Courts in Georgia: magistrate courts, probate Courts courts , juvenile courts, state courts, superior courts, Court of Appeals, and Supreme Court Current Georgia Constitution Current Elected positions in Georgia at the state level: the Elected Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, the State School Superintendent, the Commissioner of Insurance, the Commissioner of Agriculture, the Commissioner of Labor, and any member of the General Assembly Labor, Supreme Court and Appeals Court judges are elected in Supreme non-partisan elections to six-year terms. non-partisan Current Georgia Constitution Current Comparisons to the US Constitution How is the Georgia Constitution similar? How is it different from the US How Constitution? Constitution?...
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