Bill of Rights and Georgia Constitution

Infringed 3rd no quartering of troops in private

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Unformatted text preview: rtering of troops in private homes 3rd-No during peace time during 4th-Freedom from unreasonable search and 4th-Freedom seizures Bill of Rights (continued) Bill 5th: Right to a grand jury in serious crimes and 5th: right against self-incrimination right 6th: Right to a fair and speedy public trial 7th: Right to a trial by jury in civil cases 8th: No excessive bail or fines and protection 8th: against cruel and unusual punishment against 9th: Individuals have rights beyond these 10th: Rights not given to the federal government 10th: are retained by the states. State Constitutions State What role do they play in governance in What the United States? the State Constitutions State How do state constitutions differ from the How United States Constitution? United Georgia Constitutions Georgia Georgia has had more constitutions than Georgia most states (10). Only one state has had more. The current Georgia Constitution was The passed in 1983. Georgia Constitutions Georgia 1777 (Original): unicameral legislature, 1777 which appointed the governor, no state courts courts 1789: bicameral legislature 1798: popular election of the governor; GA 1798: Supreme Court created; defined legislative powers more clearly powers Georgia Constitutions 1861: bill of rights; judicial review; stronger 1861: governor; declared secession and GA under the Confederacy; first GA constitution ratified by voters constitution 1865: governor limited to two terms; 1865: slavery abolished; secession repealed slavery 1868: constitution changed to meet 1868: requirements for readmission requirements Georgia Constitutions Georgia 1877: replaced the Reconstruction-era 1877: constitution (widely un...
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