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Dylan Staats3/26/12 US History 1A2 Chapter 13 IDs Nat Turner– Born October 2, 1800. He led a black revolt against the white in Virginia. This uprising was the largest uprising prior to the American Civil War. It was put down, but there were many casualties. He died November 11, 1831, 3 months after the revolution. William Lloyd Garrison– Prominent Abolitionist. He was an editor of the newspaper The Liberatorand was one of the founders of the American Anti-Slavery Society. He lived from 1805 to 1879. John Calhoun– Vice President at the Time of Jackson. He was strongly for slavery. He “pointed” the South towards secession (he was for it and nudged them forward). He was always pointing out the positives of slavery. Eli Whitney– Eli Whitney invented many things for America, including the cotton gin. Whether he meant it or not, the cotton gin pushed for slavery, for more work could be done. Marry Chesnut– Very famous in the world of literature. She was an upper-class woman,
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