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Cell Adhesion Notes - Homophilic Interactions Cadherins...

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Homophilic Interactions Cadherins Ig-like N-CAMs homophilic interactions Heterophilic Interactions Selectins (P-lectins) heterophilic interactions Integrins links to the ECM Three types of selectins: L-selectin on white blood cells P-selectin on blood platelets and endothelial cells locally activated by inflammatory response E-selectin on activated endothelial cells Each selectin is a transmembrane protein with a highly conserved lectin domain that binds to a specific oligosaccharide on another cell. Selectins collaborate with integrins. Selectins and integrins act in sequence to let white blood cells leave the bloodstream and enter tissues. The selectins mediate a weak interaction because the binding of the lectin domain of the selectin to its carbohydrate ligand is of low affinity. This allows the white blood cell to adhere weakly and roll along the surface of the blood vessel propelled by the flow of blood. The rolling continues until the blood cell activates its integrins causing the cell to bind strongly to the endothelial cell surface and to crawl out of the blood vessel between adjacent endothelial cells. Ca2+ independent Cell-Cell Adhesion Mediated by families of Ig-like proteins with characteristic extracellular domains Typical example is Neural cell adhesion molecule (N-CAM ) 1
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N-CAM is expressed in many tissues including most nerve cells/acts in homophilic interactions with other N-CAMs on adjacent cells. Related proteins
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Cell Adhesion Notes - Homophilic Interactions Cadherins...

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