The table on the right entitled portfolio analysis

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Unformatted text preview: cteristics of the fund such as return data and expense ratios. The table on the right entitled “Portfolio Analysis” presents the 20 largest holdings of the portfolio, showing the price–earnings ratio and year- to- date return of each of those securities. Investors can thus get a quick look at the manager's biggest bets. Below the portfolio analysis table is a box labeled “Current Investment Style.” In this box, Morningstar evaluates style along two dimensions: One dimension is the size of the firms held in the portfolio as measured by the market value of outstanding equity; the other dimension is a value/growth measure. Morningstar defines v alue st ock s as those with low ratios of market price per share to various measures of value. It puts stocks on a growth- value continuum based on the ratios of stock price to the firm's earnings, book value, sales, cash flow, and dividends....
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