To illustrate the range of information available

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Unformatted text preview: bers to contact funds. To illustrate the range of information available about funds, we consider a sample report from Morningstar, reproduced in Figure 4.5. FIGURE 4.5 Morningstar report textflow.mcg r aw- ser .php?secload= 4.8&fake&pr int 1/4 7/28/13 IEB Wir efr ame FIGURE 4.5 Source: Morningstar Mutual Funds. © 2011 Morningstar, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with permission. Some of Morningstar's analysis is qualitative. The top box on the left- hand side of the report reproduced in the figure provides a short description of fund strategy, in particular the types of securities in which the fund manager tends to invest. The bottom box on the left (“Morningstar's Take”) is a more detailed discussion of the fund's income strategy. The short statement of the fund's investment policy is in the top right- hand corner: Laudus is a “large growth” fund, meaning that it tends to invest in large firms, with an...
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