Baltmore. A Checkerboard

Baltmore. A Checkerboard - Bozel 1 Taylor Bozel Writing...

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Bozel 1 Taylor Bozel Writing Baltimore: A Checkerboard The oppressors, the oppressed; the wealthy, the impoverished; the straight-shooters, and the thieves: Baltimore in a nutshell. But, Baltimore is not only defined by the social status of their citizens, but also by the landmarks and buildings within and around the city. M&T Bank Stadium serves as the uniting force between the city’s notorious separation of class and race. Baltimore is diverse in many aspects. The upper-class restaurants: Ruth Chris Steak House, Tio Pepe Restaurante, Michaels, Orchard Inn, as contrasted by working-class establishments: Burger King, King Wok, including a variety of pizza and subs delis that encompass the Baltimore region. The homeless shelters, established to assist the poor and impoverished people in Baltimore City, versus upscale cigar clubs and bars, where the well-to-do go to be seen. There are a plethora of first class private schools surrounding Baltimore, where the wealthy can enroll their children, compared to a run-down, underfunded city school system which is described as a free for all. In City schools students attend occasionally and teachers rarely have control in their own classrooms with little support from administrators. There’s also the widely held belief teachers are employed just to receive school funding from the state. Drive down to West Baltimore and you’ll witness slums, impoverishment; children out of school with
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Baltmore. A Checkerboard - Bozel 1 Taylor Bozel Writing...

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