new west notes - Holy Roman Empire Peace of Augsburg- 1555...

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Holy Roman Empire Peace of Augsburg - 1555 in the Holy Roman Empire, first real attempt at a peaceful compromise between Lutherans and Catholics (excluded Calvinist) result is “cuios regio, eius religio” or “who’s the ruler decides the religion”. Causes social dislocation to move places with you religion. Council of Trent (1545-1563)- a council trying to compromise with Protestants (Lutherins), 3 sessions led by the society of Jesus (society made during the Counter Reformation- opposition to the Protestant Reformation- used any means necessary to accomplish their goal) 1) salvation through good works and faith 2) sources of authority will be church tradition (pope, church fathers, not only the bible) 3) Pope becomes supreme in church affairs 4) Seminaries take care of education and illiterate problems of priests 5) Index created- list of proscribed books, “hidden books”, why some Catholic countries don’t keep up with technology/medicine/ect 30 Years War (1618-1648) between Catholics and Protestants, last war in Europe to be fought over religion. End to 150 years of religious war and witch hunts. Single most catastrophic, devastating war ever fought in are of Germany before WWII. It was a Total War- no civilians, no non-combatants (all fair game). War plants seeds for someone like Hitler to come to power- shows Germans no one gives a damn about them. Soldiers on both sides “live off land” and take whatever they want and need- looting, burning, raping. Generals and other officers sell their armies to the highest bidder and religion doesn’t matter. Generals were not fighting but reaping all the benefits while the soldiers have hell on earth. 1630- only good man in war- king of Sweden and first professional army in modern Europe, didn’t “live off the land”, Gustavus Aldulphus 1632 tied of battle now changed and tied turned to Protestant side. He is killed by friendly fire at Battle of Luzon and the Swetish armies loose their heart and Catholics now have upper hand. 1635- France enters the war and sends their troops, King of France is
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new west notes - Holy Roman Empire Peace of Augsburg- 1555...

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