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CH 222 Week 5 Friday 2-8

B amount mol of gas a amount mol of gas b figure 1513

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Unformatted text preview: P, V, T of gas B Amount (mol) of gas A Amount (mol) of gas B Figure 15.13 The relationships the amount amount (mol, o) of The relationships among among the (mol, n) of gasenus gaseous reactant (or product) and the gas reactant (or product) and the gas pressure (P), volume (V), pressure (P), volume (V), and temperature (T) and temperature (T). Figure 15.13 5-8 Sample Problem 5.11 Using Gas Variablesan der Waaof Reactantstandn The v to Find Amounts ls equa io Products I Sample Problem 5.12 • Using Gasn der WaaFind quation of djusts thanddeal gas law to The va Variables to ls eAmounts a Reactants e i Products II Theke into Waals Equation ta van der account The van der Waals lequationfadjusts the idealsicles andtake into account – the real vo ume o the gas part gas law to The real volume of the das particles and – the effect of interpa...
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