CH 222 Week 5 Friday 2-8

Spressureshe partial pressures ofinhe partial asesp

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Unformatted text preview: gases. spressureshe partial pressures ofinhe partial ases.P of V component )V component gpressures totathe = (P1 + Pgases = (n1 + n2)RT l 2 P1V= n1RT V = ( t 1 + p 2 ti l (n1 + nr)RT • We 2can 2PaltclulatePhe Pa)rVa= pressu2e of a component gas if we P V= n c to a RT • We canPcaV=(P1+P2thber a+ni2al olressurte of commponenand s hewe al number know ltculate )V= (n1oft m p es of hat a coponent t ga t if tot total he num e p r )RT We can calculate the es o that c of ponent and t if total n the number know the olumber of molpartialf pressureoma component gashewe knowumber of moles of that of m n es: component and the n1 of moles: P = P total number of moles P X = total 1 1 total n 1 n1 + n2 P1 = Ptotal = Ptotal X1 n1 + n2 n2 P2 = Ptotal = Ptotal X2 n2 n + n P2 = Ptotal = Ptotal X2 1 2 n1 + n2 • The partial pressure od aof aisgproportional to itsional fraction mole fraction (Xi): The partial pressure gas as is proport mole to its (Xi): • The partial pressure of a gas is proportional to its mole fraction (Xi): ni For gas i, Pi = Ptotal Xi Xni= For gas i, Pi = Ptotal Xi i Xi = ntotal 5-7 ntotal 7 The Ideal Gas Law and Stoichiometry The Ideal Gas Law and Stoichiometry P, V, T of gas A...
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